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Energy Efficiency

Our office can advise you on the necessary energy upgrades required for your property as well as to undertake the preparation of all relevant studies and work that will be needed so that you can take advantage of the subsidized program "Saving at Home".

We also have a certified "Energy Inspector" who can carry out the energy audit of your property and issue the "Energy Performance Certificate" in a short time. At the same time he will suggest a number of solutions for improving the energy efficiency of the building to reduce its operating costs.

Below you will find general information and answers to any questions about the subsidized program "Saving at Home" and issuing "Energy Performance Certificates". For further information do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+3026810 79900) or our contact form you will find on our site.

A) Subsidized program "Saving at Home"

By using the subsidized program "Saving at Home" you can implement the energy upgrade of your residence with benefits such as a reduction in heating and cooling costs, reduce emissions, increase the market value of your property and tax credits (based the new tax law 4024/2011).

It is a co-funded program (can reach up to 70% of the cost of work to be undertaken) addressed to owners of buildings of low energy class that have a building permit or other legal documents, located in areas with a price band of less than or equal to 2.100 €/sq.m., used as a residence, whose owners meet certain income criteria.

The energy improvements-interventions that can be integrated into the program may not exceed a total cost of € 15.000 (with tax) and include the following categories of work:

• Replacement of the frames (frames and glazing).
• Shading (awnings, tents).
• Installing thermal insulation in the building's envelope, the roof, etc.
• Upgrade of the heating system (boilers, heat pumps, fireplaces, etc.).
• Upgrade of the so called "hot water" system (solar water heaters).

B) "Energy Performance Certificate"

The "Energy Performance Certificate" is one recognized by the ministry document, issued by an Energy Inspectror (who must be certified and has been registered), which shows the energy performance of a building. With the "Energy Performance Certificate" each building is classified in an energy efficiency class (there are nine categories, from A + to H). While the Inspector audit and issues the document he will also recommend improvements that can take place to improve the energy efficiency of the building.

- The "Energy Performance Certificate" is required if you want to make use of the subsidised program "Saving at home".
- The adoption of "Energy Performance Certificate" is required for all buildings with a total area of over 50sq.m,  that have as main purpose (residence, permanent and seasonal, offices, commercial uses, public gathering, training, temporary accommodation health and social welfare, etc.), as follows:

New and radically renovated:
• Upon completion of construction of any new or radically renovated buildings.

• From 09.01.2011: is recuired for every sale-purchase of a building or a segment of building (eg an apartment) and for rent but only in case of a single building.
• From 09.01.2012: is recuired for rent a building segment (eg apartment) for residential and commercial use.